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This love is becoming too intense; there is nowhere for the heat to go

White clouds painted over grey; all in monochrome, breathless silence
Shadows casted by the sun; the images of twilight are changing color

Ah... this world is fading from my sight
But even so, will you still try to accept my love?
I know it's true, but should I do anything about it?
What else can I do? What should I do now?

I'm such a fool... forgive me

It's beginning like before, and I'm declaring war
Just seeing how your happiness shines through you every day!
The way that love wears thin is now called a "sin"
Without another word, I'll show you how I really feel

I shouted with all my might, but the megaphone has once more broken down
Somehow you can never see the effort it takes just to reach my hand into your vision

Ah... so suddenly the sky returned back to clear...
It doesn't suit me at all this way
Emotions are unable to be restrained, so
What else can I do? What should I do now?

I won't cry anymore... I'll never show my tears again

I love you

Keep on fighting for your life, I'm shooting for your heart
I never thought that I would choose the path that lead to here
Showing off the way my skirt flutters in the sudden wind
Without another word, I know I'll steal your gaze away

Brace yourself against my love
I'm fighting in a battle that will bring me to my knees
Love is blind in every way
Without another word, your kiss will let me see again~
"Love is War" by Hatsune Miku (English Lyrics)

Because I couldn't find an English version that I liked on YouTube. *Bangs head against wall*

Shiznit, this song was difficult to rewrite. I apologize if any lines of the song sound choppy.

I printed the lyrics and translation from Japanese off of Anime Lyrics, and made the words fit the melody. Which is far more difficult than it sounds. And some songs lend themselves to other languages better than others. This is not one of them.

Nevertheless, I absolutely love this song. :) Myobi, I can't thank you enough for introducing it to me.

By the way, I knocked the instrumental down 4 keys for D to Bb, recorded my (mediocre) self singing it (in Japanese), and put it on YouTube. My account is KanaSensei13. Listen if you dare.

Disclaimer: I do not own the song "Love is War", nor do I own Hatsune Miku. All I own is, for want of a better phrase, my personal interpretation of the English translation. What kind of world is this, where I need to clearly state the respective owners of each separate but widespread property in order not to personally find what the phrase "...or else" means?

And another note: If anyone should catch my kiriban, set at 526 (not that anyone wants it...), they shall earn the right to request any Japanese song that they would like me to rewrite in English. Exceptions are songs that the YouTube user cherrytiger has rewritten, or is planning to. She puts my writing skills to shame. XD
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